Departing Thoughts

May 26th, 2014

On Saturday I spent a few hours photographing what is probably the last competitive drift event I attend as a photographer. Why? Well that’s hard. I guess my interests have shifted towards different vehicles and away from the drifting scene. I feel like these events are saturated with quality media now and they don’t need another orange vest getting in the way, particularly when the only place my photos have been going of late is onto my laptop.

What will I miss? The people. I have made a lot of close friends through the sport and luckily I still see most of them outside of these events. What won’t I miss? The carnival food. The politics. Some of the people it attracts and the hours & dollars spent following a series like this around the country for 5 years.

I feel like NZ drifting is in a pretty good place and will continue to grow – hopefully with that comes more professionalism from both the teams and the people who run it. Don’t be fooled by the common ‘It’s only drifting’ mentality. You have the foundation of a good series. Make it great.