Ups and Downs

November 6th, 2013

A few weeks ago I spent the afternoon at C’s Garage taking some photos of their newly finished 2013/14 competition cars. Not long after that my house was broken into and my laptop and camera were stolen. Like an idiot I had not backed up this most recent set of photos and now I only have what I had already uploaded to Flickr – which are the few photos you see below. It’s a gut-wrenching thing to come home to, your house a total mess with shit thrown everywhere by some lowlife scum who couldn’t put the effort in to work hard and buy these things for himself. He could be reading this given that this page was one of those bookmarked on my laptop. If you are – fuck you.

This experience has reminded me to be more vigilant with my backups. I feel for Joel & Adam as they went to a lot of effort moving the cars around for me and we got some cool shots. I’ll have to make up for it as I cover their debut campaigns in the upcoming 2013/14 D1NZ Season. On a lighter note though, their cars are amazing! Joel’s S13 is the same car he has been using for the last few years while Adam’s S14 is a completely new build which has occupied every spare moment of his time over the last 24 months. All the best for the upcoming season boys!

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