I try to limit the amount of words I write on this blog and let the photos speak for themselves. But I can’t today. Not for this car. When Zeb from RIVERSIDE told me about John’s 330 series Nissan Cedric I had no idea what to expect. I was told of air bags and a V8 engine in a 33 year old Japanese classic. I couldn’t quite get my head around it. Then I saw some photos – and my jaw dropped. I had to see it. I had to shoot it.

John’s 1979 Nissan Cedric is simply amazing. The V8 I once rolled my eyes at is a VH41DE that emits a sound similar to that of the best fireworks display you have ever seen. The air bag system isn’t fast and erratic, it’s quiet and elegant. It allows this masterpiece to navigate the earthquake-torn Christchurch roads while looking this good when it stumbles across some smooth ground. While some wouldn’t consider the car ‘fast’, it’s more than enough. It’s the perfect street car, combining classic looks with modern power & reliability.

My camera and I have seen some amazing cars in the last few years and – although I haven’t given this comment much consideration – I think this is the best yet. The amount of time John has spent with this car, crafting it into the piece of art you see below, has been immense. The planning, sourcing, researching and development of ideas and parts has been extensive. And the goal John had in his mind five years ago has been achieved.

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