Travels: iPhone Dump #2

May 17th, 2012

Placa Major, Palma

Tapas Tuesday, restaurant in Old Town, Palma

Portals Marina, Mallorca

Bus driver stopped and yelled ‘KAPUT’, we walked form here, 10kms from home, Palma

MY Limitless, Club de Mar, Palma

MY Limitless, Club de Mar, Palma

MY Chiqui tender setup, Club de Mar, Palma

Old town at night, Palma

Dinner, Hostel Ritzi, Palma

Old town at night, Palma

MY Deva, Port Adriano, Mallorca

El Toro, Mallorca

View from my balcony, home, Palma

Roof life, home, Palma

First home cooked meal in far too long, home, Palma

Lunch, home, Palma

MY Eminence, STP, Palma

Microwaveable BBQ ribs, delicious, Palma

Beer on tap, KFC, Palma

Pulling apart a 4 cylinder diesel engine, Approved Engine Course, Mallorca

Bits that need to go back in, Approved Engine Course, Mallorca

All stripped down, Approved Engine Course, Mallorca

Homework, Approved Engine Course, Palma

Engine all back together, Approved Engine Course, Mallorca

Diagnosing an electrical fault, Approved Engine Course, Mallorca

Perfect morning, Palma

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  1. Bex n Marcus Says:

    WOW Roo looks surreal/amazing WOWZERs time you’re having there. Love living vicariously through you :) Keep up the good work!

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