Nationals: A Closer Look

February 18th, 2011

Late on Saturday afternoon at the show I decided to get out my new 50mm and take some random close up shots of cars and stuff around the place. Here are a selection that took my fancy!

This post concludes my Nationals coverage. I am currently working on my first roll of film shots out of my new (old) Nikon FG-20. I took this camera to a recent classic car show and have scanned the prints and am now editing the photos. Check back over the weekend for the finished results!

Nationals: Cars Part Two

February 16th, 2011

My favourite car at the show was this Miata. It would make a perfect weekend/track car. He drove it from Hamilton to Auckland like this too apparently!

I think I only took photos of either S-Chassis or CJC cars. Haha. I really liked the colour of this 86, I wanted to build a 720 King Cab and paint it this colour, but it sold before I realized that’s what I wanted to do.

This FC3S drag car was amazing, I have a huge fascination with slammed drag cars tucking those enormous wheels.

Hugo Maclean had his AE86 on display, as well as his large collection of Work Meisters.

Bevan’s old Silvia was also on show this year, the new owner has put some sideskirts on. Maybe Supermade?

Another car with XD9′s! Hamish’s 180sx looks great with the white/bronze combo.

This is the first car I have seen in NZ with CCW wheels. It looked awesome!

Grant from GT Refinishers had his unique ute on display. I thought the wheels suited the era of the car perfectly.

Well that covers off the cars that took my fancy, I will be posting the last of my Nats’ coverage tomorrow, stay tuned for more black and white!

Nationals: Cars Part One

February 15th, 2011

As I said previously, there was definitely a huge wheel fitment presence at this year’s show. It almost feels like people are finally getting it, wheels will make or break the car. Here is a selection of cars that caught my eye, stay tuned for part two!

Ashley’s Silvia will be familiar to most of you on here, I swear he spent like 3 weeks polishing this thing before the show. Haha.

The CJC guys had alot of cool cars on display, and took home a few awards to show for it.

This Civic was at the show last year near the S-Chassis stand, its now sporting new paint and a set of XD9′s!

Another car that’s been on here before, Sam Yong’s Onevia.

This is another car I had seen at the show last year, but its looking a little different now. I like the colour scheme, reminds me alot of the Need For Speed RTR-X.

Another CJC car looking sweet on a set of BBS RS’s.

Not many people in the S-Chassis community run 18/19 stagger, especially on a street car. But Alistair kills it with this setup.

I don’t often see this shape Accord modified here, but this one was executed perfectly!

Part Two to follow soon

Nationals: Black and White

February 14th, 2011

Lately I have had a strange obsession to shoot in black and white. Especially when photographing people. While at the Nationals Show and Shine in January, I decided to not only photograph the cars but also some of the people behind them. I always enjoy Nat’s as you get to catch up with so many old friends and meet new people, in such a short space of time. Here are a selection of images taken throughout the day.

Alistair Wade

Ashley Westmoreland

Sam Yong

Japanese Schoolgirl

Keisuke Nagashima

EDABOC Promo Model

Alistair Wade. Again.

Matt Vittle


Hugo Maclean

Hamish Parker

And Andrew Redward

Nationals: HKS CT230R

February 13th, 2011

The first of many Nationals-related posts that will surface this week!