January 12th, 2011

Thanks for driving it Malpass

D1NZ Round 3: The Great 8

January 11th, 2011

Sorry it’s so late! Let’s pick up from where I left you after Part 1.

Cole Armstrong defeated Josh Coote in the first battle of the Top 8.

Andrew Redward’s S14 started to sound a little funny and looked to be really down on power, Curt Whittaker moved through to the Top 4.

Gaz Whiter and Adam Richards both made some mistakes in this battle costing them points, but Gaz ended up advancing by just 2 points!

In one of the closest battles of the night, Fanga Dan defeated Carl Ruiterman to earn his place in the Top 4.

The majority of the crowd braved the wild weather earlier in the day and were pleased they did as the rain stayed away for most of the evening.

Moving through to the Top 4, Curt Whittaker knocked out Cole Armstrong 10-0 10-0.

Old friends Gaz Whiter and Fanga Dan came up against eachother in the other Top 4 battle, and an OMT was called after the first battle went 6-4 4-6. In the second battle, Fanga spun meaning Gaz slid right through to the final.

The battle for 3rd and 4th got very close with Cole Armstrong actually hitting Fanga Dan around the hairpin.

Round 2 saw this exact same pair of drivers in the final, Gaz Whiter and Curt Whittaker. In another close battle, Gaz took the win after the runs scoring 4-6 7-3.

This was an amazing event to photograph, to see some of the closest battles of the season, late at night, in Central Auckland was mind boggling. I hope Mt Smart Stadium becomes a regular spot for D1NZ in years to come.


Top 8
Cole Armstrong DEF Josh Coote 5-5_7-3
Curt Whittaker DEF Andrew Redward 6-4_7-3
Gaz Whiter DEF Adam Richards 3-7_8-2
Fanga Dan DEF Carl Ruiterman 6-4_5-5

Top 4
Curt Whittaker DEF Cole Armstrong 10-0_10-0 (break checking)
Gaz Whiter DEF Fanga Dan 6-4_4-6 (OMT 5-5_10-0)

3rd and 4th
Fanga Dan DEF Cole Armstrong 10-0_10-0

Gaz Whiter DEF Curt Whittaker 4-6-7-3

Top 8 Positions
1st – Gaz Whiter – Tectaloy S14
2nd – Curt Whittaker – Sonar Tyres R34
3rd – Fanga Dan – Hell Pizza Commodore
4th – Cole Armstrong – V Energy R34
5th – Josh Coote – MCA Suspension
6th – Adam Richards – Privateer
7th – Carl Ruiterman – E&H Motors
8th – Andrew Redward – Nankang S14

Back to Reality

January 5th, 2011

Seeing as 2010 came to an end while I was away, I thought I’d do a little recap.

After eight days away with almost no cell phone reception, let alone internet it feels weird to be sitting back in front of a computer. Its going to be pretty hard to get back into work mode next week, I’ve become pretty accustomed to late nights, 10am wake ups, beer and bare feet. None of which would go down well at work.

As I saw the New Year arrive in spectacular firework-filled fashion it made me realize what a year 2010 had been. And how quickly it had passed. It started with picking up an award for “Best Club Theme” at our largest annual car show event, which really took me by surprise.

Not long after that I sold my 180sx and purchased a completely stock FC3C and have been tinkering with it ever since. I’ll eventually get around to getting the aero and stuff painted, I’m just enjoying driving it too much at the moment.

My photography had always been a sideline hobby, and still is, but it took a much larger role in 2010 with my little D60 taking over 20,000 photos. It enabled me to photograph and feature some of New Zealand’s coolest cars and meet tonnes of new people at the same time.

Mid way though the year I started this website, and am so pleased I did. After mainly posting my photos on Flickr, various forums and the odd thing on Facebook, I decided it was time to have a better platform to showcase my work. With every car or event I featured, my daily hits would increase, encouraging me to get out there and use my camera more. I have been absolutely blown away by the number of people that stop by on a daily basis, and that figure has been increasing every month.

Towards the end of the year I purchased a new camera, as I felt I had reached the limitations of my trusty D60. As well as a lens I have been wanting for a long time now, and I am really impressed with the results so far.

I have a tonne of cool stuff lined up for 2011 as well as few projects I have been following closely which have come to fruition over the last couple of months.

I wish to thank all of my friends and family that have put up with my various camera related antics and discussion on a regular basis. And unfortunately, I don’t think it will be stopping any time soon. Also to those of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting or working with, thank you so much for your valuable time and guidance.

And to you guys who make up those daily stats; those of you who have me on your blog rolls; and those of you that post links and photos of mine all around the world; thank you. You guys are the reason I do this.

I hope you all had a great 2010 and have an even better 2011.

PS – Part Two of my D1NZ Round 3 coverage should be up in the next couple of days, sorry its about 2 weeks late!

Roo Wills