Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship set the bar for future drifting and in fact, all motorsport events in New Zealand. The carpark of Mt Smart Stadium in central Auckland was transformed into an incredibly tight and technical track which saw plenty of action and carnage over the weekend.

Here is a look at the track layout from the top of the grandstand. The track ran in a clockwise-ish direction, with drivers entering on the far right side, hugging that wall at over 100kph.

Mad Mike had the quickest entry of the day, flying past the first clipping point at 105kph, which earned him the number 1 qualifying spot.

Carl Ruiterman was on point as usual, taking out second with a 92.6pt run.

The old faithful Nankang S14 saw Andrew Redward qualify 4th while his FC undergoes some mechanical repairs.

After facing mechanical issues which meant he couldn’t practice on Friday, Gaz Whiter quickly became familiar with the track and qualified 6th.

Josh Coote kept the local boys on their toes, coming in at a well deserved 9th place.

Fanga Dan was back in his Commodore for Round 3, sporting some new sponsors. He qualified 10th with an 85.6pt run.

The concrete barriers surrounding the track took a hammering from some drivers. Gee Mutch smashed a few suspension arms during this incident, but still managed to fix the car and qualify 11th.

Hugo Maclean just missed out on the Top 16, qualifying at 17th place. His AE86 looked awesome out on track with its new kit and wheels.

As the sun set, the Top 16 battles kicked off with top qualifier Mad Mike being DQ’d after car troubles and not being able to fix it in time under the 5 minute rule.

Josh Coote defeated Aaron Bennet to cement his place in the Top 8.

Andrew Redward moved through to the Top 8 after Mac Kwoc spun on their second battle.

This corner of the track was probably the darkest, and made for some cool photos. Gaz Whiter convincingly defeated Gee Mutch with both runs scoring 8-2 in Gaz’s favour.

After facing car problems all weekend, Jason Sellers borrowed his brother’s car to battle Curt Whittaker but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Curt moved through to the Top 8.

Well that covers Qualifying and the Top 16. Check back soon for the Top 8 battles that ran late into the night.

Qualifying Positions:

1st – Mad Mike 94.2
2nd – Carl Ruiterman 92.6
3rd – Adam Richards 91
4th – Andrew Redward 90.2
5th – Curt Whittaker 90
6th – Gaz Whiter 89
7th – Steven Sole 88
8th – Aaron Bennet 87.8
9th – Josh Coote 86
10th – Fanga Dan 85.6
11th – Gee Mutch 80.4
12th – Jason Sellers 78.2
13th – Mac Kwok 78.2
14th – Takeshi Teruya 76.2
15th – Gary Tenana 74.4
16th – Cole Armstrong 74.2

Top 16 Results:

Cole Armstrong DEF Mad Mike (DQ, 5min Rule)
Josh Coote DEF Aaron Bennet 5-5_6-4
Curt Whittaker DEF Jason Sellers 7-3_9-1
Andrew Redward DEF Mac Kwok 6-4_10-0
Adam Richards DEF Takeshi Teruya 6-4_7-3
Gaz Whiter DEF Gee Mutch 8-2_8-2
Fanga Dan DEF Steven Sole 4-6_6-4 (OMT 4-6_7-3)
Carl Ruiterman DEF Gary Tenana 7-3_4-6

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