September 26th, 2010

After installing the coilovers and wheels on Saturday I wasn’t sure if I would be driving it over the weekend as the car couldn’t really roll due to all 4 tyres touching their respective guards. Luckily Shanon came round this morning and rolled them for me, so headed out for a drive this afternoon and got a few pics on the way. The rear still needs more massaging as puffs of smoke come off when cornering but I’m really happy with how its all come together.

9 Responses to “Impromptu”

  1. rx rtd Says:

    hey very clean fc! quick question, what size wheels and tyres are you running? 17×9.5 with +17 in the front? and 18×10 +18 in rear? cheers

  2. Roo Says:

    Cheers man. Yeap, bang on.

  3. rx rtd Says:

    cool man, i’ve also got a FC with the same wheels, but the fronts don’t seem to fit even with 205s! did you have to roll/pull them quite abit?

  4. kmakzi Says:

    fc vert, one of my favourite mazda’s, good score, was this the one off trade me?

  5. Roo Says:

    Yeah it was on there towards the end of last year, I picked it up in Feb.

  6. kmakzi Says:

    we also sell mazda at my work, so if you need some parts let me know, we have a few goodies for fc

  7. Roo Says:

    Oh cool, thanks bro!

    rx rtd – Just the lip rolled flat, 215/40 and some camber. Fits perfectly.

  8. Ruiz Says:

    Congratulations on the new vehicle.
    It looks really splendid. RX7 Vert, how cool!

  9. Roo Says:

    Thanks Ruiz! Will have to take some better photos soon.

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