Red With Envy

July 25th, 2010

I woke up to a txt this morning from Sam, saying “The sun’s out, lets go take some photos!”. I was surprised and had to look out my bedroom window to see it for myself. The weather forecast read showers developing into rain this afternoon and lucky for us, they didn’t front. Its the middle of winter here in NZ, and we don’t often get days like this.

The Work XT7′s measure 17×9 +17 and 18×9.5 +12, just the right combination for an S13.

The SR20 now produces 240kw with the help of a GT2871R supported by cams and a metal head gasket.

The interior is nice and simple and consists of a pair of Sparco seats, Power FC hand controller and OMP wheel.

Its the kind of car you can pick your girlfriend up in without her parents running down the driveway after you, but at the same time drive the shit out of on the track. The perfect balance between form and function.

Cheers Sam!

4 Responses to “Red With Envy”

  1. Aaron Says:

    One word, beautiful.

  2. Olly Says:

    Love this car.

  3. lbs_ft Says:

    Any idea what brand and size tires he’s running?

  4. Sam Says:

    GT Radial HPX Champiro. 215/40/17 and 225/40/18. hope that helps

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