Purple Powerhouse

July 18th, 2010

Adam from C’s Garage RPS13 recently got a little bit more power, could certainly notice it yesterday!

Full coverage from Hampton Downs yesterday will be up soon.


July 15th, 2010

Well not really, fixed up a fiddly water leak and now its driving again. Coils and kit on the way!


July 8th, 2010

1. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears
2. To make shorter by cutting
3. To cut off the edge

S-Chassis Shakedown

July 8th, 2010

With the help of my S-Chassis buddies I organized a little drift day down at Meremere last weekend. We kept the numbers low and it was invite only to avoid the usual drift-associated idiots. It was tonnes of fun! Had 7 car tandems going at some points and the BBQ cranking all day long. The weather was crisp and sunny, not bad for Auckland in the middle of winter.

The Garage H/S-Chassis/StayClassy battle car was there doing what it does best, man it’s fun to drive! Here’s a few pics anyway, the rest can be found on my Flickr.

Can’t Get Enough!

July 5th, 2010