Bumble Bee

July 20th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to take photos of this project for a while now, and when D1NZ driver Andrew Redward asked for some snaps before the car was stickered up by sponsors I jumped at the chance. Andrew has previously campaigned a pretty cool low and flush S14 for the past few years which was a refreshing change from the majority of cars in the New Zealand Drifting Championship. I guess like the rest of the world, most professional drift cars are purpose built, and in turn have little to no style.

Why can’t pro drift cars look cool? They can, you’re looking at a perfect example.

Slotted between the bright green HSD strut tops is an LS1 from a 2000 Camaro, which is pretty uncommon over here. I wonder if Andrew coming from the sunny state of California had any influence on the all-American motor swap? I’m also told that they are currently building an LS6 from a Corvette to replace this one when required.

A lot of research and custom work has been executed in the suspension and steering department. The car now has 30mm extended front lower arms and an insane steering lock. These help to keep the 17×9.5 and 18×10.5 Enkei RPF1′s pointing right where he wants them. The 25mm wide fibreglass front guards also endured some modifications to allow for the wider track and extra lock.

Black and yellow is the theme as you can probably tell by now, which is a direct opposite of his S14 which was yellow with black wheels. Everything inside and out has been painted gloss black, including the the jungle of bars throughout the car.

I love the little things Andrew has done on the FC; they all add together to produce an awesome car that will perform to the highest level and look amazing while doing it.

I wish you all the best for the 2010 season Andrew and thanks for the opportunity to grab some photos!

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  1. Alex G Says:

    Two words: Bad. Ass.

  2. Aaron Says:


  3. Henry Says:

    nanananananana BATMAN

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  5. Slamdspec Says:

    Anyone know the tire specs on the front?

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